Non-Smart Contract proposals

Non-Smart Contract proposals are general proposals regarding development for the wider ecosystem. They are not enforced by smart-contract execution, but instead by the community writ large.

Posting to the governance forum

  1. Designate a post on on the YF Link governance forum that contains the content of your proposal under "New Topic".

  2. Post the proposal in the relevant channel in the YF Link Discord.

  3. Allow for a three day review period.

  4. Integrate community feedback into your proposal.

  5. After three days put the proposal up for a vote on YF Link's Snapshot page.

Putting the proposal on Snapshot

  1. Click on “Connect wallet” button in top right corner.

  2. Connect with wallet provider where you hold relevant token.

  3. Click "New proposal".

  4. Fill in all the required information. Note:

    1. Title should be the same as on the Governance forum (remove "DRAFT").

    2. Include a link to the proposal on the governance forum.

    3. You can also include the proposal text body, but it's not required.

    4. Fill in voting options.

    5. Set the dates and block number in the Actions box.

      1. Make sure the length of the voting period is exactly 3 days! (unless expedited)

      2. Make sure the block number (see below) corresponds to a time before the vote start time.

  5. Click Publish.

  6. Congratulations! You have now put your proposal on Snapshot for a vote.

A couple more steps! :

  1. Edit the title of the proposal on the governance forum to remove the "DRAFT" part.

  2. Lock the proposal thread on the governance forum from further edits.

  3. Notify the community about a vote being live :)

Setting the block number.

This number is important, to lock the state of community members who are able to vote. Meaning that if you attempt to vote on a proposal and block number is in the past, and you weren't holding the yYFL token yet, your vote will not be counted.

Simply look at and use the last block number.