Varen (VRN)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Varen?

Varen is the new name for the project YF Link, a rebrand. The YFL governance token is migrating to the new VRN token. You can read the full plan about the rebrand here:

New website?

DEX: DEX Info: Discord: Telegram: Twitter:

How do I migrate my YFL tokens to VRN tokens?

If you have YFL tokens, you can migrate to VRN here: When migrating, you will get an 1:1 amount of VRN tokens for your YFL tokens, and the YFL tokens will be burned.

I migrated my YFL tokens, but I don't see VRN in my wallet. Why?

You need to manually add the VRN token contract address to your wallet.

What is the VRN token contract address?


Can I buy or sell VRN tokens?

Yes. You can buy/sell/swap VRN tokens on Varen DEX or on 1inch.

Is there a time limit for migrating? When is the dead line?

There is no time limit. You can safely wait to migrate later.

Ethereum fees are expensive :(

Ethereum fees (gas) are sometimes expensive, and sometimes it's cheaper. It's often cheaper at different times of the day. Often cheaper on Thursdays and Saturdays... You can wait for gas to get cheaper, and then make your transaction.

When VRN staking? :)

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